September 14, 2021

After arriving late from the LCHS XC host meet last PM – I did my best to take a quick assessment of who was at the F&M track so if you finished and departed early you may not be listed below – let me know if I missed you (most usually do). Despite another 80*+ evening – great attendance and hard workouts by all. Becca, Brandi and teammates from Group 2.5 – 3 knocked out the 10 x 300s while others did the 1K repeats. Several of our group 1 guys did some quick 1.5 mile reps over in SLH but were back in time for a PBR.  Weekend race times are in today’s LNP sports – directly above the HS XC results. Thanks to Walter again for the water and Ben who provided some apple cider. Please refer any potential new members to the club website where they can read about us and contact one of our board members for more information about the club. With marathon season approaching I would highly recommend viewing the Kipchoge film – “The Last Milestone”  now available via streaming (and in some theatres). Scott Roth expects the Coros watches to be in soon so remember to pay him if you have not done so (this includes me, Scott). Lastly – if you possess some good IT skills (and are open to a small-time commitment) the club could use your help with our website let me or another member of our board know.  

TRACK: Fife (AM), Newcomer M (AM), Lafferty (AM), Kirchner (AM), Addis, Arndt, Antinucci (fast 400s!), Bell, Boben, Dever A, Dever S, Foley, Garland, Gatchell, Givens, Glick, Griffith, Delia-Hickey, Hodge, Kalinowski, King E, Knaster, Lachman, Luff, Lynch, Maher, Matthews,  McMillan J (is he Boston-ready?), Nephin, Newcomer W, Richter B, Roth, Simmons, Smoker, Sollenberger A + 2, Sollenberger B + 1 new runner, Tagg, Ubriaco, Wallick, Wege (800s!), Zook.

CHECK INs: Barber (fartlek AM/XC PM), Matula, Brenner (ME), Charles (MT), Gehman (LBC), Mohler (XC), Myers (LCHS), Cooper-Jordan (LA), Welsh (inj), Detweiler (inj).

  • Sept. 19th – USATF Masters 12K race, Highlands N.J.  (Charles, Newcomer M, Mobius)
  • Sept. 19th – Phila Distance Run 1/2 M  (Nephin, Hodge, McMillan, Petraco….? others)
  • Oct. 24th – 1st FMTC International Beer Tour Run Lancaster PA. – Sign-up sheet coming soon from Nick Lachman
  • Dec. 14th FMTC Annual WOW  – save the date (arrange child care, get work-time off, eliminate family momentum if possible)

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