August 31, 2021

A great turnout for track practice last evening and hoping the Summer dog days are behind us. Many did the 2K repeats and it was especially gratifying to work with groups 2.5 / 3 for our set – with everyone sharing the work (thanks Phil, Walter, Brandy, Becca). Club singlets were presented to Foley, Lynch, Givens, and Knaster. Nick had his bank returned. My apologies for running out of post-race beers, 35 were in the club cooler but we obviously good have used more with 40+ of us at the track. As always, thanks to Walt Newcomer for providing the water. Looking for someone to pick up the Chocolate milk duty as Peter W. is now away at College – let me know if you are interested in picking this up. Lastly – If you need some running motivation for the Fall (Welsh, Luff, Simmons, Kirchner 😙– others) now is a good time to pick out a race …Jeff

ON THE TRACK: Barber (AM), Brenner (AM), Boben (AM), Mohler (Cocalico), Maher (LS), Kirchner (AM/PM), Addis, Antinucci, Arndt, Dever A, Dever S, Diffendarfer, Foley (Back!), Frymer, Garland, Gehman, Gerstenbacher, Givans, Griffith, Hodge, Kleinhaus, Knaster, Lachman, Luff, Lynch, Matthews, McMillan D, McMillan J, Nephin, Newcomer W, Petraco, Richter B, Roth, Schuler, Simmons, Smoker, Sollenberger B, Sollenberger A, Stoltzfus, Luke (new guy from GA), Stotlzfus, Tagg, Thorson, Ubriaco, Watson G, Wege, Welsh, Zook…and ?

Check INS: Charles (MT), Detweiler, King E, Lonnie, Weida (CA), Pick

  • Friday Sept. 3rd – Allainz Diamond League Meet from Brussels
  • Saturday Sept. 4th 10 AM — F&M / Millersville Open XC. Race at Baker Field. ($50 winner bonus for FMTC runner Win)
  • Sun, September 19 – Philadelphia Distance Run (1/2 Marathon) – this historically is a great race, entries still open.

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