August 24, 2021

Another (hot) Tuesday night track practice is in the books. I think we have had 90* Tuesdays since early July based on my online weather searching. Most of us at the track did the Yasso 800s, others variations of 400s / or time fartlek intervals. A good turnout for our final Summer Cartel gathering where several new members (Jake, Nate, Heidi, Gretchen) received their FMTC Singlets. Sorry, there was not a Thai food truck at Cartel – but 10 pizzas were consumed and a reasonable # of craft beers from Cullen and company. Hoping that Otis got his paper submitted by the 1:00 AM deadline – not exactly “family momentum” but academic momentum can be a legitimate reason to miss practice, especially if you are writing about running. The list below is an amalgamation of track/road/cartel/partners etc – my apologies if I omitted anyone. Finally a farewell and big THANKS to Laura Brenner for her work on our board the club website over the past 2 years – she will begin her “On the Road” trip soon which will include 26.2 Miles on the road/streets of Portland, ME…….jeff

ON or Near THE TRACK – Barber (AM), Brenner (AM/PM), Kirchner (AM/PM), Addis (thanks for pizza $), Arndt, Dever S, Matthews, Petraco, Roth (good family-life-running balance), Boben J (Bowdin awaits), Charles (Happy anniversary!), Garland (suffering?), Gerstenbacher, Griffith, Delia-Hickey, Kalinowski, King E, Matula, Knaster, Lynch, Zook + 3, Lachman +1, Luff +1, Mobius +1, Moore, Newcomer W, Smoker, McMillan J, Welsh, Wallick, McMillan D, Newcomer M (Wheatland), Mohler (Cocalico), Fife, Kleinhaus (york), Schuler (Warwick), Cubbison (cty park).

Cartel Brewing – MacNeil, Antinucci, Nephin, Tagg +2, Pick +1, Richter C, Richter B, Tara (for Otis!), Thornson +2,

Check-Ins: Weida (Cal), Foley, Gehman, Oles, Wege (Boston hills)…

Running quote of the week“If you ain’t rubbing you ain’t racing” – Des Linden commentary at the Prefontaine meet after several runners went down during the men’s 2- mile race. Ask Paul Chelimo if he agrees.

  • Saturday, August 28th – Ben and Tim’s 5K in Hershey
  • Saturday, Sept. 25th – York White Rose 5 Miler
  • Saturday, Oct. 16th – 1st FMTC International Beer Run (limited openings/ sign up coming soon)
  • Saturday, Dec 11th – USATF Club XC Nationals in Florida
  • Tuesday – December 14th. – 13th FMTC Holiday “WOW” gathering at Reology Studio (hopefully !)

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