August 17, 2021

A plethora of our runners appeared gradually last evening and I left early to get to our club board meeting at Sarah’s – so I may end up missing a few of you so let me know if you are not on this list. The heat and humidity made for another challenging night on the track with most groups running the 400s. Thanks again to Walter for the H2O and Peter Weidafor the chocolate mile recovery drink. Many of our group 1 guys were taking a rest after some hard miles in New York this weekend at the P2B relay won by the PA contingent. Group 1 womenwere represented by Sarah and Laura A. Brandy ran with our group 2/3 runners. Thanks to Sam G. for the cooler and pretzel drop-off at my home. The board (Drew, Georganne, Jeremy, Sarah, and I) had a very productive 2+ hour meeting last evening with many excellent ideas for the club as we move into the Fall and for 2022 – more info forthcoming. With the Prefontaine Meet this Friday/Saturday some opportunities for club watch parties, the times are noted in the image below. I will have FMCT club singlets at the track next week for our new members.

ON THE TRACK: Newcomer M (Wheatland), Newcomer W, Kirchner, Charles (Cty Pk), Arndt, Sollenberger B, Antinucci, Detweiler, Dever S, Diffendarfer, Fife, Frymer, Garland, Geissinger, Gerstebacher, Givans, Glick, Hodge, Hickie-Delia, Kalinowski, King E, Knaster W, Luff, Lynch, Matthews, Mohler, Nephin (bike), Nesbitt, Oles, Petraco, Richter C, Richter B, Smoker, Tagg, Thorson, Wasch, Watson L, Weida P, Zook, and….

CHECK-INS / Exemptions: Kleinhaus (PR), Watson G, Addis, Brenner (AM), Maher (CO), Boben M, McMillan J/D (Maine), Lavin (CO), Schuler, Roth, Matula, Moore, Ubriaco, Lachman, O’Regan….

  • August 21 – Cedar Nation 5K, Lebanon, PA (supporting Tommy Pearson’s XC team)
  • August 28th – Ben & Tim’s 5K, Hershey, PA. FMTC Team currently of ~ 10 runners
  • Sept. 25th – York White Rose 5-Miler

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