July 20, 2021

A busy night on the F&M Track with thanks to Bill Boben for leading out a group 2/2.5/3/3.5 for the 5 x 1000s while several of us from group 3 went easy due to racing in Harrisburg tonight. Thanks to Walter for the water, all 36 PBRs consumed with a few runners “doubling”. Well-earned special racing beverages for Laura A, Sarah, and Andrew/Katie along with a Tri-send off IPA for Becca and Carl who will be heading to Lake Placid this weekend to swim, bike a “few” miles then RUN a marathon 😅. Consider directing new runners to Jeremy or myself via e-mail for some pre-track discussions. Lastly – those of you who are lacking running motivation (TL, SW, a few others) find a race, don’t expect a PR just put yourself out there and support our sport and usually a good cause.

TRACK/work-out done: Addis (LS track), Newcomer M (Wheatland track), McMillans D/J (North Carolina), Pearsons E/T (Warwick track), Alter, Antinucci, Arndt, Barber, Boben B, Boben M (off to Berkley!), Charles, Kleinhaus, Kirchner, Fife, Gehman, Gerstenbacher, Delia-Hickey, Hodge, King E, Knaster, Luff, Matthews, Matula, Moore, Myers, Nephin, Newcomer W, O’Regan, Oles, Petraco, Richters C/B (see above), Smoker, Sollenberger B / (A?), Stauffer, Stoltzfus J, Wallick, Wasch, Welsh,…and new runners = Samsel?, tall LGH intern, another Glenn, blond woman, very young guy-dad was filming? and a runner with long grayish hair

CHECK-INS: Lachman (10-mile tempo NJ), Wege (CO), Roth, Cubbison (Cty park), Bell (injury), Devers S&A, Watson L&G , Garland (CC), Schuler, Cooper-Jordan (CAL), Foley (injured – not HIPPA), Nesbitt (Strava 10 miles)

  • July 21st – 6:00 – 7:40 PM 40th Harrisburg Mile (Charles, Kirchner, MacNeil, Team Watson…)
  • July 22nd – 6:00 West-Chester Henderson Open Track Meet (Dever S/A, Antinucci, others ?)
  • July 24th 7:30 AM Wheels and Wings 5K in Lititz (Group 1 guys – come up and make this a work-out – 5K easy/5K hard/5K tempo)
  • July 29th – 8 PM 12th Beer Mile FM Track / contact is Adam Moore to race or volunteer
  • July 30th – August 8th (men’s marathon) – OLYMPIC Track and Field watch parties are being planned

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