July 13, 2021

From my aging runner’s perception, it felt like the hottest night we have had this Summer, but not hot enough to discourage ~ 40 of our runners from hitting the FM track last evening for Tuesday workouts. A major Thank-you to Walter Newcomer (who while not running after recovering from knee surgery), still provided us with water at the track and watermelon post-workout. Other thanks to Peter Weida for his continued chocolate milk contribution and to those who helped consume 40 PBRs – thus allowing for an easy transition to the recycling bin when I got home. No IV fluids were needed. Sam G received a special “steeplechase” beer + double IPA for outstanding racing efforts and Georganne got her belated well-deserved 1-mile (4:59) time bonus. Welcome to new FMTC members Wade and Brian.

ON/at The Track: Addis (my running partner), Antinucci, Barber (back!), Boben B, Boben M, Dever A, Dever A, Fife, Geissinger, Gehman, Getz, Glick, Hickie-Delia, Hodge, Kalinowski, Kirchner, Kleinhaus, Lachman, Maher, Matthews, Matula, McMillan D, McMillan J, Mohler, Myers, Nephin (ugly knee!), Newcomer W, Roth (birthday!), Simmons (Pringles scored), Sollenberger A, Sollenberger B, Stauffer, Watson L (mile-ready), Watson G + 2, Weida, Welsh, Wade (new), Brian (new) and…..?

CHECK INs: Arndt (DE), Griffith, Cubbison (2×800), Newcomer M (Wheatland), Smoker, Charles (Big Sky), Moore (York), Petraco (DE – maybe running hills ?), Wege (CO), Garland, Cooper-Jordan (CA), Ubriaco (Lanc. Stands Up).

  • July 21st – Harrisburg Mile
  • July 24th – Wheels/ Wings Festival 5K race – Lititz
  • July 29th – Annual FMTC Beer Mile (check with Adam Moore – this is a Thursday night)
  • July 30th – Aug 8th (marathon) – Tokyo Olympics T&F (group watches planned)

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