June 22, 2021

Early travel day tomorrow so a quick wrap-up to credit those who braved this rather cool/windy first Summer workout at the F and M Track. A return of team Sollenberger was one of the highlights of the evening. Group 3 pushed out 6 x 1k with some erratic but otherwise solid pacing. Based on a quick Strave perusal others did a variety of tempo and time intervals. Thanks to Peter (choc. milk) and Walter (H2O); 8 PBRs went unconsumed.

ON THE TRACK: Wege (AM), Newcomer W, Addis, Arndt, Boben B, Bell K, Dever S, Fife, Geissinger (I saw you!), Gerstenbacher, Getz, Griffith, King E, Lantz L, Luff, Kirchner, Kleinhaus, McNeil, Maher, Matthews, McMillan D, McMillan J, Myers, Matula, O’Regan (Mountain queen!), Pearson E, Pearson T, Petraco, Roth, Simmons, Smoker, Sollenbergers A and B, Ubriaco, Watson G, Watson L, Weida, Welsh (snuck in), Zook, Wade, Leaman….and hopefully no none else?

CHECK-INS: Lachman, Garland, Cody, Foley, Newcomer (FLA), Hodge/Nepin (AK), Bobens Martha/Jackie – (Montana workout done), Delia (Mexico)

  • June 26 – USATF open track meet at Millersville. See the club website for additional races which are increasing in the week ahead.
  • June 24 – 27: U.S. Olympic Track Trials ( a few asked about this)

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