May 4, 2021

The first May track workouts opened with July-like weather but all of group 3 and most of group 2 completed the 800s. Walter did his pre-marathon repeats 6 solo miles on the Clayton loop, Dan and Peter hit the trail again. Highlights of the evening including special racing performance beers for Lyle (missed him), Mark Oles, and Bill Boben. Group 1 closed out the night with a 5000-meter time-trial on the track in less than ideal conditions that led to a decimation (aka “DNF”) of several runners who will go unnamed.

Major Kudos to Nick Lachman who ran the last 2K solo finishing with a solid early-season time of 15:29.

AT/ON THE TRACK: Arndt, Charles, Kirchner, Newcomer W, Addis C, Delia, Pearson E, Antinucci, Lavin, Stolzfus, Oles, Boben B, Boben J (back from MT), Alter (sub 16! ), Dever, Gerstenbacher, Griffith M and N, Hodge, Matthews, McMillan D, McMillan J, LACHMAN, Luff, Oles, Petraco (finished!), Matula, Roth, Moore (PR!), Pfaff, Richter B, Richter C, Griffith M and N, Ubriaco, Nesbitt D (timer!), Wege, Weida, Welsh, and Zook.

Check-ins: Cubbison and Kleinhaus

  • Congrats to those who got into Boston for October (so far: Mike, Dan, Jay, Brenda, Denise)
  • Please SEND Weekend race results and photos to Sarah and Jeff
  • May 18th – post-workout will be at “Cartel Brewing & Blending: 928 N. Prince Street
  • June 15th – Summer WOW at the Boben’s on Wilson Drive
  • Please send dates/locations for “real” races to Jeremy and Laura Brenner for website posting

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