April 27, 2021

A fourth consecutive April Tuesday for track last PM – perhaps a bit too warm but plenty of good work being done by our runners on the F & M Track, including first by the college track team in preparation for their conference meet this weekend at Muhlenberg College. Group 1 did 1Ks, Group 2/3 did the 800/600/400/200 + 1 tempo mile workout. Nate was not there to pick up his special 1:12 gluten-free beer but Katie was able to show off her “running axe” for winning the Hyner 25K trail race. Tim Schuler made a late appearance and nicely paced group 3 to a nice last mile. Thanks again to Walter (water) and Peter W (chocolate milk) — despite the warm evening a lower than anticipated attendance left me with 5 PBRs to take back home…..jeff

ON / AT THE TRACK: Arndt, Charles, Kirchner, Newcomer W, Cooper-Jordan, Diffendarfer, David, Boben B, Antinucci, Gatchell, Goodling (coaching), Stoudt (coaching extensively), Delia, Gerstenbacher, Kalinowski, Lachman, Lavin, Lyons, McMillan D, McMillan J, Moore A, O’Regan, Pearson E, Dever S, Dever A (back!), Welsh (back !), Matthews, Petraco, Pfaff, Roth, Ubriaco, Schuler, Stoltzfus, Zook, Weida and……

CHECK INs: Griffith, Addis (LS), Matula (LS), Wege, Stauffer (heading to SC for 26.2), Cubbison.

  • Thanks to all who helped me clean up the track after practice, no fewer than 8 water bottles were gathered but also Stephen Welsh’s foam roller and Nick Lachman’s “Ole Miss XC” tee-shirt were recovered. As a club we will do this on a regular basis and please consider doing so when you are up there at other times – it is greatly appreciated by the College.
  • Bill Boben has agreed to be the GROUP 2a Leader for track workouts each week
  • Jay McMillan / Brenda Hodge will head up Group 2b for marathon or other off-track workouts.
  • 5K TIME TRIAL – on the track next Tuesday at 7 PM – must be able to run sub-17 to participate
  • MAY 16 – FMTC Club gathering at Cartel brewing/blending (928 N Prince St) after track workouts completed
  • JUNE 15th FMTC Club gathering at the Boben residence (Wilson Dr) after track workouts completed

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