March 16, 2021

A cool but not very windy night on the F and M Track last PM with our first workout that that daylight savings are back. Group 3 ran the 15 “Mary Cain” 300s, group 2 1.5 mile repeats, and our fast guys in group one hammered out some variations of short/long intervals in preparation for racing this weekend. We officially welcomed former E-town College standout Sam GERSTENBACHER to the FMTC (pictured in the cover photo for this post).

ON THE TRACK: Addis (LS), Barber, Kirchner, Charles, Arndt, Newcomer, David, Ubriaco (back!), Matula, Roth, Petraco, Gatchell, Lachman, Getz, Pearson E, Delia, Nephin, Zook, Lavin, Mcmillan J, Oles, Myers, Gerstenbacher, Wege, Mohler (Cocalico), Glick, Stoltzfus, Smoker, Matthews, Richter B and C, O’Regan, Pfaff, Watson G, Weida, McMillan D, Hodge (cookies).

  • I think most of our runners all have the “new” blue and red singlets but if not please contact Nick Lachman
  • Consider renewal of your USATF membership if you have not already done so
  • A few more of you on the list have not submitted 2021 dues to Jeremy or me, please do so when get time.

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