March 9, 2021

The best weather night and best turnout for track so far this year – great to see some of our members again including Tim, Sam/Alyssa and Katie/Andrew. Despite the large #’s there was little breach of track etiquette, the Only downside was the failure of the track lights to come on. With daylight savings starting on Sunday, this will not be an issue starting next week. All 30 PBRs consumed (or accounted for). Most of our runners did the 800s or 2 min on/off x 12 with Jay leading out.

ON THE TRACK: Mohler (Cocalico), Kleinhause and Cubbison (early), Addis (welcome to group 3!), Arndt, Charles, Kirchner, Newcomer W, Matula, Roth, Petraco, Gatchell, Boben B, Antinucci, Delia, Barber, Cooper-Jordan, Dever S, Dever A, Diffendarfer, Getz (back), Glick, Griffith, Hodge, Lavin, McMillan D, McMillan J, Moore, M Newcomer, Pfaff, Myers, Sam G, O’Regan, MacNeil, Smoker, A & S Sollenberger, Stoltzfus, Weida, Zook and…

  • While many Spring races are still virtual, real races appear to be happening in the weeks ahead we will try to provide more specific information regarding distance, time, location.
  • If you have not sent in dues will likely be your last email with this list 😢
  • we are open to recruiting new members feel free to put them in touch with myself or another board member

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