February 23, 2021

On what I hope will be our last track club Tuesday off-track, a solid turnout by many of our runners on thecampus loop, Clayton loop, and the Champs Elysees. Thankfully February is almost past and it appears there willfinally be some races in the weeks ahead. Thanks to Jay for taking attendance although he did forget post-beers for a few guy. Baring any unpredicted snow, the official return to track will be March 2nd….Jeff

“TRACK” – Kleinhaus, Cubbison, Newcomer W, Kirchner, Arndt, Petraco, Matula, Roth, O’Regan, McNeil, Barber, Weida, MacMillan J, MacMillan D, Hodge, Nephin (Arby’s ), Zook, Lavin, Glick, Stoltzfus, Alter, Watson G, Smoker, Griffith and “Red-Headed” guy. 

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