February 16, 2021

Apologies for the late wrap up this week but thanks especially to Jay (and Strava) for helping with attendance. Unfortunately our home track has remained not runable for most of the month but the “Clayton loop” has continued to provide a good alternative. Despite the cold and progressive wind Tuesday PM an excellent turnout by many of our dedicated hard-working runners – completing 3-6 x 1 mile repeats.Hoping the last Tuesday of the month will have us back on the track although as the snow falls again today I am less optimistic…Jeff.

ON THE CLAYTON LOOP: McMillan J, Arndt, Newcomer W, Garland, McMillan D, Nephin, Griffith, O’Regan, MacNeil, Zook, LavinOles, Barber, Stoltzfus, Richter B, Richter C, Alter, Roth, Matula, Petraco, Gatchell, Hodge. Check-ins done – Kleinhaus, Cubbison, and Sollenberger B.

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