January 26, 2021

Many were not afraid to embrace the elements on the F&M Track last evening while a few others were able to get the workout in early. My least favorite running month is now almost history. Based on some quick math with the warm-up/ mile repeats cool down – at least 200 miles ran yesterday by FMTC. KUDOS to team McMillan (Denise/Jay) who celebrated their Wedding anniversary with 6 x 1 mile repeats!

On the track: Matthews (AM), Kleinhaus, Boben and Cubbison (Monday PM), Alter (AM), Barber (AM), Kirchner (AM/PM), Addis, Newcomer W, Delia, Hodge, McMillan J, McMillan D, Cooper-Jordan, Diffendarfer, Gatchell, Matula, Roth, Petraco, Moore, Griffith,Glick, Stoltzfus, Pfaff, Oles, Lavin, Zook, Weida, Wege, Newcomer M (Fla), Watson G (Warwick), Mohler (Cocalico), Nephin.**

  • Dues accepted through the end of January, thanks to all who have paid
  • FMTC Half-Marathon Saturday February 27th Falmouth to Columbia, PA
  • Boston is scheduled for October 11th

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