January 12, 2021

We returned to our “home” track last evening on a cold but relatively windless night for some very good intervals – most of the group ran the 1000s with variable pacing. Of note – Group 2 (Jay et al) did eight, group 3 (Walter et al) ran six, and group 1 (Brian) – five. The relatively smaller number of runners allowed us to practice social distancing while enjoying the benefits of pushing / pulling each other along in early January – not the easiest month of the year to be running at the track.

WORKOUT DONE/AT THE TRACK: Barber (Clayton), Sollenberger B (Ephrata), Kleinhaus (early), Arndt, Charles, Newcomer W, Boben B, Delia, Dever A, Antinucci, McMillan D, McMillan J, Oles + Brother, Stoltzfus, Lavin, Griffith, Moore, Kirchner, Nicki, females # 2, and Taylor (?), Cubbison (early), Bell (CV, Addis (LS).

  • Please check the FMTC web site for continued updates
  • If you have Not renewed your 2021 USATF membership, sit tight until the club is renewed (hold up by is by them)
  • SEND me 2-3 TIME goals for this year if you have not yet done so (41 have !)

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