January 5, 2021

We began the 2021 season back on the Champs Elysees awaiting clearance to return to the F&M track. A cold evening but not much wind, a few new runners still managed to find us. Some opted to return to the Clayton loop for mile repeats.

ON the “ChampsArndt, Newcome W, Kirchner (perimeter), Griffith (looking very strong), Kleinhaus, Lavin, Delia + Antinucci (2Ks), 3 new runners (State St., Strasburg, Church St), Glick, Wege (early), McMillan D, Nephin, Kalinowski…….. Bell (CV), Moore (York), Newcomer M (FLA), Mohler (Ephrata).

CLAYTON Loop: Barber, Roth, Gatchell, Matula, McMillan, Oles, Petraco, Hodge.

  • Jeremy and I are finalizing some details with Fulton Bank/ PayPal regarding club dues but this should be in place soon
  • Jeremy has added some nice updates to the club website including track and road race records
  • I will be checking back in with F&M AD and hopefully we will be back on the track next week (will do my best to facilitate this)
  • Look for some changes with the workouts in the next week or two – although we will continue with three groups.

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