2020 Wrap Up

Even though we have not officially held practice the past 2 weeks / I wanted to credit those runners from the club who took the time to get the workout in yesterday or at least (per my Strava review) were able to get some good miles in. I am hoping we will be back on the track next week as we kick-off training for 2021…..Jeff

TRACK/WORK-OUT DONE: Newcomer M (Wheatland), Kirchner (FM solo), Moore (East York), Mohler (Cocalico), McMillan, Stoltzfus, Nephin, Garland, Oles, and Wallick (all on the Champs Elysees);

MILES in : Hodge, McMillan D, McMillan A, Alter, Richter B, Matula, Roth, Zook, Petraco, Delia-Hickey, Lachman (NJ), Longenecker and Dever (trails), Gatchell (IL), Bryan (VA), Lavin, Antinucci, Jackson and Clark (NY) Nesbit A, Nesbit D,…

Check in: Geissinger.

  • January 1st 2021 — Eye-Opener group trail run – Lancaster County Park, 12 noon (in the rain)

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