December 1, 2020

A cold and windy night on the F & M Track as we moved into December workouts. Snow flurries made it feel like winter. A solid turnout with runners from all three groups – most running 400s. We are also moving towards changes in start times for the respective groups. I would encourage checking in with runners from your respective groups beforehand to clarify a 5 or 6 PM start. (Phil G). Hopefully the group 1 guys found the PBRs left behind at Jeremy’s truck – it was not a good night to hang very long in the parking lot.

TRACK/Check-ins: McMillan D, Kirchner, Arndt, Charles, Newcomer W, Lachman, Nesbit, Matula, Roth, Gatchell, Petraco, Garland, Boben B, Hodge, Nephin, Moore, McMillan J, Oles, Stoltzfus, Dever S, Glick, Delia, Wallick…. Kleinhaus (F&M AM), Brenner, Barber (Clayton Rd), Weida, Cubbison (County Park), Addis (LS Track), Newcomer M (Bausman Dr), Fife,…

  • Dec 5th Saturday AM Group Run
  • Dec 15th Club Christmas lights group run (and gifts)
  • Dec 18th 11th annual FMTC WOW – (virtual)

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