November 17, 2020

A rather miserable windy night for a “track” workout at our temporary site on the Armstrong Blvd /Champs-Élysées- but despite the strong gusts out of the West, a solid showing by the club – with many doing mile repeats. Thanks to Sarah for enhancing the club image with additional FM Track club apparel. I completed the workout in the AM but went over to warm-up, take attendance and drop off the PBRs – I may have missed a few people but had some help from Dan who also manned the cooler post-workout. Doug Arndt was missed!

“TRACK”: Roth, Matula, Weida, Delia, Dever S, Dever A, Kirchner (AM/PM), Charles, Newcomer W, Getz, Hodge, Nephin, Team McMillan: D, A, and J, Petraco, Oles, Garland, Brenner, Lavin, Wege (per Dan).

CHECK INs: Addis (CV), Barber (Clayton), Zook (CV), Bell (treadmill), Kleinhaus, Cubbison, Gehman

  • Club Thanksgiving morning 5K – remains tentative
  • F&M track for 11/24 – also tentative at this time
  • “WOW” group run Dec. 15th with virtual WOW club meeting Dec.18th.

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