November 3, 2020

The new (temporary) location for Tuesday Track practice turned out to be a great recommendation by Sarah as most of us ran intervals up and back on the 800m Thomas Armstrong Blvd loop (aks Champs Elysees of Lancaster) – great lighting, very few cars. This will continue to be our “home” at least until November 24th….. Jeff

At the track: Stoltzfus, Arndt, Newcomer, Kirchner, McMillan J, McMillan D + 1, Wege, Garland (Back), Lavin, Roth, Matula, Antinucci, Delia, Dever S, Dever A, Peterson (NEWLYWED!), Brenner, Petraco, Lachman (Providence guy), Gatchell, Hodge, Nephin, Weida

Checking in: Boben B, Barber (Clayton), Charles, Cubbison / Kleinhaus (LCP), Ubriaco, Zook, Mitchell, Fife B.

  • Harrisburg Marathon this weekend (apparently with a Saturday and Sunday venue) – Zook, Schuler, Weida
  • ? FMTC 5K Turkey Trot Thanksgiving AM — currently under discussion

USATF update:

  • Duration: Memberships are active for the calendar year in which they are purchased. Memberships expire on December 31st of each year.
  • Joining Members: Members who join between November 1st and December 31st of the calendar year, will enjoy membership at no additional cost for the following calendar year as well.

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