October 27, 2020

Apologies for not making it to the “track” last PM but flight delays due to a wind storm in CA started a difficult journey back from Claremont – a great running town. Thanks to those who checked in and especially to Denise for taking attendance and a little help from Strava.

Lots of progression mile repeats appeared to be the theme of the evening on the Clayton Rd loop. We held our first official FMTC board meeting last PM hosted by Sarah – some exciting announcements below and a few others forthcoming for the 2020-21 season – where hopefully we will see a resurgence of races….jeff

TRACK: Griffith, Stauffer (Ephrata), Kirchner (Pomona CA), Newcomer M, Mitchell, Kleinhaus (FM), Watson G, Watson L, McMillan D, McMillan J, Wallick, Oles, Charles, Arndt, Roth, Matula, Lavin, Ubriaco, Petraco, Dever S, Dever A, Lachman N, Hodge, Delia, Matthews, Newcomer W, Bell, Welsh, Weida, Alter, Wege (back from CO), Bryan (still with us)….and?

  • Look for FMTC race results this past weekend in tomorrow’s LNP Sports from Stoudts’, 1/2 Ms, 5K; The club 5000m results from last week were in yesterday’s edition.
  • PLEASE check in with Sarah and Me on weekends IF you want your race results included with weekly FMTC data, just a time/place/ location – we can take care of the rest as needed. Photos also appreciated
  • NO holiday WOW this year sadly after 10 years COVID will shut this event down but we have some alternatives planned
  • Daylight savings starts this weekend – Track next Tuesday NOV. 3rd – optional meet up at the “F and M Champs-Élysées”loop off of Liberty Street behind the football stadium. We are optimistically hoping to be back on the F/M track in late November.

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