October 20, 2020

A truly memorable night on the track last night with the club meeting at Millersville Universitytrack for the first time and many members running 5000m on the track with a few PRs along the way – a send-off night of mid-Autumn running for our speedy group 1 teammate Isaac Bryan who was accompanied by his 5 family members. Drew led the way for a flurry of sub-16 performances with a top 3 lifetime best of 15:18... other sub 16 performers Isaac, Jeremy, Nick, Otis.. (Iona still has speed)

ON THE TRACK: Bryan (+4 children and one running supportive spouse), NESBIT (15:18); Matula, Petraco, Ubriaco, Lachman, Alter, Roth, Kirchner, Charles, Arndt, Bell, Nephin, Hodge, McMillan D, McMillan J, Zook, Wallick, Oles, Moore, Bailey, Welsh, Weida, Dever S, Dever A, Luff, Watson L, and Boben.Stoltzfus, Delia-Hickey….

Check-ins: Cubbison, Newcomer W, Newcomer M, Kleinahus.

Hoping to make this an annual event…Isaac promises to return each year and host. ….jeff

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