October 13, 2020

The rain subsided mid-afternoon and we were left with another beautiful Tuesday evening on Baker Field / Clayton loop.
A special evening as well with the return of Mark Oles (thanks for the beer!) and also down from 96th and Park Ave/ Mt Siani Hospital in NYC – one of our former “Dickinson Boys” – Jon Jackson where he had a break from the grind of being a resident in Anesthesiology. Also of note a solid 6-mile/5:30 tempo effort by many of our group one guys on the loop!

At the Field./ Clayton loop: Barber (AM), Matula (LS), Kirchner, Arndt, Charles, Bell, Weida, Oles, Jackson, Simmons, Nephin, Hodge, Cubbison !!, Kleinhaus, Delia, Antinucci, McMillan J (No D?) , Lachman, Ubriaco, King A, Welsh, Roth, Bryan, Petraco, Glick, Peterson (and pet(, Stoltzfus J, Mitchell, O’Regan (in from Philly), and Wallick…

Check-ins: Team Richter, and Dubs.

October 20th: “Bryan Going Away 5K” we will be meeting at the Millersville University track for 2 or 3 5000m heats on the track…and give Isaac a good send of for his return to Virginia.

1 thought on “October 13, 2020

  1. JEFFREY KIRCHNER October 14, 2020 — 3:34 pm

    Laura can you please change 5-mile tempo to 6-Mile tempo. thanks Jeff

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