October 6, 2020

A beautiful October night for “track” workouts and our best turnout since we moved to Baker/Clayton. Great to see more of our speedy group one guys back and thanks to Jay / Denise for the post-workout refreshments.

Work-out done / Checked in: Addis (LS), Barber (A.M.), Boben (F&M w/ mask), Zielinski (Temple), Kleinhaus, Cubbison, Kirchner, Bell, Gatchell, Petraco, Ubriaco, Roth (5K PR), Lachman, Bryan, Nephin, Hodge, Charles, Arndt, McMillan D, McMillan J, Dever, Weida, Matthews, Alter, Simmons, King A (+ Liz + 3 girls!), King E, Lavin, Myers (later), Zook (CV),…

Check ins – Brenner, Matula, Richter B, Richter C.

If you know of open races coming up, please share with Laura Brenner for the web site. We will continue to meet at Baker/ Clayton loop through the end of October – after daylight savings ends / possible the Campus loop but this is still under discussion. Other options – Millersville U track and Longs’ Park – or F&M if you do not mind running while covered… Jeff

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