September 29, 2020

Our third Tuesday at Baker / Clayton with a good turnout, including the return of some of our group one guys with longer hair and fuller beards but still looking fit and fast. The rain thankfully held off and many were able to enjoy a “special beer” for their excellent weekend racing efforts. All weekend race results are in today’s LNP Sports.

At Baker Field / Clayton Rd Loop: Brenner (early check in), Kirchner (Monday workout), Barber (Stone Harbor), Charles, Arndt, Newcomer W, Fife, Foley, Roth, Matula, Ubriaco, Lachman (back from Connecticut), Weida, Hodge, Delia-Hickey. Nephin, McMillan J (chasing sub-3), McMillan D, Lutz (yes Leo!), O’Regan, Zook, Stoltzfus (2 beers), Dever S, and Lavin.

This Saturday is Hartz Fall Blast 5K in Lititz, we should have solid representation from group 1/2 – not sure if this race is closed but check online if interested. Also, gradual news of more races happening this Fall including NYC.

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