September 22, 2020

Here is the list of FMTC runners who checked in, or I was able to find on Strava, through about 8 AM today (Wednesday). If you were missed let Laura and I know. thanks – Jeff / Laura

On the loop / On the field / On another track: Brenner, Weida, Barber, Matthews, Kirchner (FLA), Kleinhaus, Maher, Lyons, Boben, Zielinski (Temple), Charles, Arndt, Newcomer W, Hodge, Krebs J, Watson G., Nephin, Ubriaco, Roth, Alter, Myers, Matula, McMillan J, Watson L, Petraco, Bryant (M-ville), Delia, Antinucci, Fife, Cubbison, Zook, Richter B

Hoping Jay did not forget the beer. Four weeks at least to go until we loose daylight savings time. Maybe the track will be back by then. 

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