September 15, 2020

Our first night “off track” with a meet up at Baker Field. Many of our runners took advantage of the nice evening and soft surface logging their miles in with loops around Baker Field. Others went to the “mile loop” of Clayton/Orchard/Hamilton/Hillcrest Roads and ran the 10 800s. Thanks to John Stoudt/Sarah Delia-Hickie for marking 200m/400m markings on the roads. Some special, well-earned beers for Jeremy, Scott, Steven, Dan for Saturday’s 26.2 effort. A late summer sunset over the Brick Yard’s made for a nice but quickly cool evening.

RUNNING: AM: Brenner, Barber, Weida, Geissinger, Nephin; PM: Charles, Arndt, Kirchner, Necomer, O”Regan, Antinucci, Delia, King E, Stoltzfus L, Matula, Roth, Weida, Welsh, Boben, Stotlzfus, Stauffer, Zielinski (Temple), Stoudt (McCaskey) Petraco (Millersville 2:05), Cubbison, and Kleinhaus. Supporting: Hodge, Brenner, Lyons.

We will likely continue to meet at this location through the remainder of 2020. IF you can run at another Track somewhere (McCaskey, Temple, Wheatland, Warwick, CV, Ephrata, MT, Hayward) … so!! and let me know as a check in.

2 thoughts on “September 15, 2020

  1. Dr. JEFFREY KIRCHNER September 16, 2020 — 8:20 pm

    Thanks Laura !

  2. Smoky sunset from all the wildfires!

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