September 1, 2020

A nice but humid September opening for track last evening – numerous small groups working out within the club and the return of Amanda Nesbitt to join us after almost a year serving our Country in Afghanistan. She already has a marathon on her schedule in just a few weeks. Also the return of Alyssa after many months of injury recovery… hoping all of our runners can stay healthy.

ON THE TRACK: (AM): Barber, Brenner, Kirchner, Weida. (PM): Zielnski (Phila), Matula, Roth, Petraco (< 2 min 800 m ahead), Bryan, Arndt, Kirchner, Cubbison, Boben, Stoltzfus, Oles (10×4/3 x 1000) , McMillan J, McMillan D (tempoing off track),Nephin (sleepy), Dever A, Dever S, Delia, Rissinger, Maher, Malinak, Richter B, Zook (CV), Hodge (at w/ mask), King E, Kleinhaus, Welsh, Wallick, Nesbitt A, Nesbitt D, Nesbitt d.

The Nesbitt family!

September 12th – Virtual Boston F and M Track to Bainbridge (half / full) and some volunteers still needed.

2 thoughts on “September 1, 2020

  1. Dathan was off trampolining so the 4th member of the Nesbitt family, unfortunately, is not in the picture

  2. That is a cool weekly recap picture!

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