August 25, 2020

Closing out the month of August with another 90* Tuesday night – great work by all with 35 of us doing the AM or PM workout yesterday. Thanks to Bill Boben for taking on the post-workout beer duty which was a step up to 16 oz Sierra Nevada pale ale and Walter Newcomer who continues to supply the water. Most did the 12×400 workout with some group 2 guys moving up to 10 x 500 and others running the Furman 3 x 2K. Two of our members have recently relocated and will be missed – Eric Stratman off to Madison WI to start a Ph.D. program and Julia Zielinski to North Phila post-Fullbright Scholarship to work for a community based – non-profit organization where she will continue to do great work. Jackie Boben heads back to the Montana branch of Bowdin College this week – and if you left a water bottle at the track Jeremy will bring it next week…..jeff

– Kleinhaus (mon), Barber, Brenner, Bell, Kirchner, Matthews, Weida; PM – Cubbison, Addis, Arndt, Charles, Newcomer, Nephin, Hodge, Matula, Roth, Nesbitt, Petraco, Glick, Garland (bike), Kirchner. Delia (early), Rissinger, Maher, Malinak, Schuler, Boben, Stoltzfus, Stauffer, Oles McMillan D, McMillan J, Zook, King E, Weida, Welsh (back from Tri-land),

RACEs Ahead: See the Club Website. “Virtual Boston” Saturday – September 12th.

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