August 18, 2020

A nice Tuesday night at the FM track although still a bit warm – solid by work by all groups with the majority doing the mile repeats, and the women’s group hammering out 400s – all of which became progressively challenging with the 82* temps All water (Walter) and PBRs consumed with the last 2 as takes outs by Sam and Sarah D. Word is Alyssa will soon be back and it was good to see an early appearance by some group 1 runners (BP/ IB).

ON THE TRACK: AM session: Weida, Matthews, Brenner. PM session: Addis, Charles, Arndt, Kirchner, Newcomer W, Smoker (good pull on the last mile), Kleinhaus, Weida, Boben J (In from MT), Boben B, Hodge, Nephin (kind of), Lynn (Bainbridge), Maher, Delia, Antinucci, Roth, Matula, Dever, Wege, Oles (nails painted !), Stoltzfus J, McMillan D, McMillan J, Glick, Bryan, Petraco, Zook, Cubbison, King A, King E, Stauffer, Bailey, Wallick, Myers (I think) and..?

Aug. 22 – “virtual” Falmouth 7 miler (looking for pacers)

Sept 12 – “Boston” Mountville Loop (see Becca’s email) – you can do just 1/2 M

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  1. Look at those studs!

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