August 4, 2020

The 6 AM morning track group was greeted with a warm steady rain as tropical storm Isaias moved through the city, by 6 PM we were greeted by the sun and a temperature of about 83*, making it a bit hot on the oval – Most of our runners completed the long 8K ladder workout. Post-race consumption of all PBRs, 2 hard seltzers, one Heinekin zero, and 2 sour monkeys were enjoyed with good social distancing. Thanks to Phil for the first official $ donation to the track club treasury.

ON THE TRACK: A.M. – Barber, Brenner, Weida, Kirchner, Kleinhaus

P.M. – Cubbison, Addis, Watson G, Watson L, Matula, Roth, Weida, Arndt, Garland (group 3 pacer!), Charles (back from altitude), Kirchner, King E, Lantz L, Maher, Hickey-Delia, Glick, Stoltzfus, Smoker, Wallick, Duane….

Races Ahead – Harrisburg Mile: Aug. 19th; York White-Rose 5 miler: Sept. 26th; Jim Thorpe – 1/2 marathon: Sept. 26th / 8-miler & Marathon (with scenic train rides) Sept. 27th.

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