July 28, 2020

Double workouts yesterday with a solid group of 8 at 6 A.M. and others at 6 P.M. for the (hotter) evening session.
Most did the 400/800 Furman workout – others 600s (AM) and 500s (PM)Thanks, Walter for the water, about 12-14 PBRs consumed, good conversation, and social distancing by all.

ON THE TRACK — AM: Matthews, Maher, Delia, Kirchner, Brenner, Weida, Platt, Wege. PM: Addis, Bentz, Arndt, Newcomer W. Kirchner, Weida, Boben B, Schuler, Cubbison, Kleinhaus, Glick, Geissinger, King A, King E. Stoltzfus, Lantz L, Lavin, Maranan, McMillan, Myers, Stauffer, Newhook, Matthews.

CHECK-IN: Harriger, McMillan, Nephin (MT), Hodge (MT), Southam, Richter C/B (CO), Newcomer M **, Roth **. Bell (CV), Nesbitt**, Matula, Garland, Mohler** (Cocalico), Rissinger ** (NJ), Zook ** (CV), Petraco (OCNJ) Charles (MT)……

Races ahead: Lancaster virtual Boston – September 20th (course pending)
Jim Thorpe Marathon – September 27th

1 thought on “July 28, 2020

  1. Worth mentioning Virtual Boston must fall within September 7-14th


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