July 14, 2020

Bastille Day at the track: most did 400s, Jeremy and Scott 3 x 1 5:15/5:10/5:05. A few PBRs and a few Buds.

TRACK: Brenner (AM), Matthews (AM), Nephin (AM), Newcomer W (AM), Kirchner (AM/PM), Barber (AM); Arndt, Richter B (beer mile practice), Schuler, Garland, Welsh, Delia, Maher, Lantz L, King E, Zook, Matula , Roth, Cubbison, Stoltzfus, Kleinhaus…..

CHECK-IN: Southam, Lyons, Charles (Montana), Addis (Maine), Bentz **, Sollenberger, Nacho (Costa Rica), Rissinger** (Warwick), Oles **, Stauffer **, Richter C, McMillan D/McMillan J (North Carolina), Weida, Mohler.

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