June 30, 2020

Another warm evening at the F and M Track but strong work by all who were in attendance in the morning, over lunch, or last evening. Thanks to Walter making a return trip with the water, Phil for helping fund our race timer, and Nick Lachman for getting the upcoming races organized – although I am still not sure what to make of the race bibs, perhaps an enticement to bring back Gary Gagliardi from Montana or maybe as someone said it is a meme’ – ….all 30+ PBRs consumed and track conversation was ongoing when I left. And one F and M Trivia question – which of your teammates once defeated Mo Farah in a 1500m race in Paris?

ON THE TRACK: Barber, Bell, Brenner, Oles, Kirchner*, Matthews*, Newcomer*, Weida*, [all AM], Boben, Garland (12 noon), Arndt, Charles, Glick , Stolzfus, King E, Hodge + 2, Maher, Matula, McMillan D, McMillan J + 2 , Moore, Nephin, Nesbit, Roth, Petraco, Lachman, Watson, Richter B, Griffith, Cubbison, Lavin, Luff, Zook, Kleinhaus, Sollenberger A, Wallick, Wege, Geissinger, Bailey, Mohler, and……

Check In: Newcomer M. (FLA), Rissinger E (FLA), Myers, Stauffer**, Dubs, Boben J, Bentz, Fife **, Addis, Richter C, Dever S and A (injured), Smoker (injured) 😞; Ubriaco (NY), Longenecker & Welsh (Ala), Lantz, Oliver

July 3rd – First of 3 – F and M July Events — Heat # 1 of the Mile goes off at 7 PM — come out and cheer on your teammates even if you are not running. Perhaps the return of Bob Bergman, Ange Horst, and Jim Sponaugel!

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