June 23, 2020

Solid turnout as we had our first “Summer” workout with the temperature 88* at 6 PM – the heat kept many honest or perhaps a bit slower as they moved through their workouts (right Phil!). All water and PBRs consumed although the last 2 went to Lititz to the grandparents. Nick Lachman will have singlets next week at the track. REMEMBER through Summer – the 6 A.M. option.

ON THE TRACK: Bell, Brenner, Kirchner, Matthews, Weida (AM/PM); Addis, Alter, Arndt, Boben B, Garland, Stoltzfus, King A, King E, Lantz L, McMillan D, McMillan J + 1, Nesbitt, Roth, Ubriaco, Petraco, Simmons, Matula, Watson G (5:08!), Watson L, Baily, Geissinger, Glick, Myers, Bryan, Charles, Cubbison, Hartlaub, Hodge, Nephin (sleepy), Kalinowski, Peterson, Luff, Lyons, Maranan, Platt, Rissinger E, Rissinger T, Sollenberger, Zook, Luke (SF), Kleinhaus, Delia, and…2 F&M girls late.

CHECK INS: Newcomer ** (FLA), Oles **(OCNJ), Stauffer** (Ephrata) Dubs, Griffith, Boben J, Richter B, Richter C, Southam, Mohler* (Cocalico), Fife, Wege, Zielinski, Bentz,…Devers and Smoker (injured 🙁 ), Lachman (NJ)

July 3 — Mile Time Trial

July 11 — 5K Time Trial followed by Summer WOW at Sarah and Ben’s (all invited)

July 18 — 11th F and M beer / bluejeans mile- all at the F and M Track

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