June 2, 2020

Beautiful night on the track with just a bit of wind for the last 100m. Most did the 800s but variations of shorter distances by group 1 guys and some nice 3Ks by Scott and Jeremy. Thanks to Sarah for continuing to delivery the track club clothing including the men’s fast racing splits. A return by one of our old core members – Leo Lutz. A few other members did a ride by or drop by (Luke P, Julia Z)…. 18/24 beers consumed. We will officially be back next week………..Jeff

ON THE TRACK: Brenner (AM), Weida (AM/PM), Newcomer M (Wheatland), Southam (Warwick), Kleinhaus (early), Bentz (early) Geissinger, Lutz, Kirchner, Antinucci, Cubbison, Addis, Charles, Arndt, Petraco, Lachman, Simmons, Hodge(at) Nephin (at), Maranan, Oles, MacMillan J, MacMillan D, Delia-Hickey (at) Peterson (at), Boben, Garland, Stoltzfus, Smoker, King, Lantz D, Alter (early), Zielinski…and.

CHECK INS: Sollenberger, Rissinger (Warwick) Mitchell, Watson G and L (Warwick). MacNeil / O’Regan (Warwick).

Today is Global Running Day – so even if it is “rest” day maybe grab a mile or 2.

Saturday — ? resumption of AM Group Run

July 3rd – 1 mile Time Trial @ F and M

July 11th – 3K/ 5K Time Trial @ F and M — please send Nick Lachman an email if you are in for one or both. We need to get #s for timing and heats.

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