May 26, 2020

Most runners we have had at F and M since before the “shut down” of March 17th. Many of us ran the Red Rose course which presented some challenges with the 80* weather, everyone managed to push each other with our smaller groups –  Boben and Garland both posting sub-33 minute times. A water stop or 2 would have been great.
At the Track (Red Rose Course): Addis, Arndt, Boben B, Charles, Garland, Kirchner (2), Newcomer W, Smoker, Zook, Stoltzfus, Hodge B, Hodge E, Nephin, Bentz, Cubbison, Kleinhaus (A.M.), MacMillan D, MacMillan J, Wege, Oles
On the track: Lachman, Maranan, Simmons, Petraco, Matula, Roth, Weida, Bailey, Kleinhaus (P.M.), Brenner
Check Ins: Stauffer, Bell, Zielinski, Krebs J/C, Delia, Matthews, Rissinger E, Devers (NJ), Newcomer M, Mohler, Mitchell, Richter C
What lies ahead: 1 mile / 3K / 5K time trials at the track in late June – details to follow. (Nick Lachman is point person)
Saturday group runs….? Soon.

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