May 19, 2020

Warm but windy night on the F and M track last night with overall the highest turnout since early March. Some made it up early in the day. Walter and I did the 1000s at a very honest group 3 pace. Not sure if anyone brought PBRs as I had to leave early for meeting, but is was great seeing several of our teammates who have not been to the track for over 2 months…..Jeff

ON THE TRACK: Brenner (early). Weida (early), Southam (Warwick), Rissineger E (Warwick), Geissinger, Addis, Antinucci, Arndt, Boben B, Boben J (Montana), Boben M (Montant), Newcomer W and Kirchner, Delia, Maranan, Kleinhaus, Cubbison, Garland, Smoker, Lachman (400s sub 70), McMillan D, McMillan J, Bell (LS), Stoltzfus, Newcomer M (Wheatland)

Check INS: Oles *, Zook, Bentz*, Dever, Dever, Lyons, Peterson, Stauffer, Mohler*, Richter C, Richter B, Sollenberger **, Stauffer **, Wege, Charles

Saturday May 23rd – 10K time trial – Becca at the F and M Track – time TBA

Tuesday May 26th – RED ROSE 5 mile course / on your own or with a couple of pacing/racing partners 7am – 7 pm

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