May 12, 2020

Back at the F and M Track into COVID week # 9 – we are by no means “open” but hopefully moving in the right direction. I think our members are collectively and individually being sensible and safe. Still rather cool and windy for May but great work by everyone with the 12 x 400’s. 3 groups / Best splits by each group respectively – 75 / 80 / 89 – other track locations as noted. 8 PBRs consumed by 8 runners. Longest cool-down award – Phil. G – 6 miles. Good to see team McMillan early on and Brenda’s new wheel perhaps for future racing road trips.

AT THE TRACK: AM: Barber, Brenner, Weida, Kleinhaus, Bentz, Southam ( Warwick), Bell ( Lampeter-Strasburg ) // 6 PM: Kirchner, Arndt, Newcomer, Charles, Boben J, Boben B, Garland, Zook, Stoltzfus, Griffith, Smoker, Bailey, Lachman (and Davey,) // Early PM: Addis; Cubbison, Hodge, Nephin, MacMillan J and D, Roth (L-S, Matula (L-S), Dever, Sam Alyssa (Wilson Middle School), Matula (LS), Roth (LS)

CHECK-IN: Mitchell, Oles, Alter, Simmons, Sollenberger, Petraco, Richter C and B, Geissinger, Goodling, Stoudt

What Lies Ahead: “Virtual” Red Rose 5 mile run on the course May 26

“The love of sport is one of the great agencies which make for the happiness of people. It lies very deeply in the springs of our nature…Foot racing especially lies deep in our nature, it is pure human movement and the essence of human contest. Roger Robinson “When Running Made History” Syracuse Univ. Press. C 2018 —- The newest addition to my running library. I would highly recommend this one – Robinson is an amazing writer, long-term runner and historian of our sport. Also the spouse of K. Switzer.

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