May 5, 2020

The 1st workout of May with a cool but non-windy evening on the track. All present did the double 2/4/6/8/8/6/4/2 workout.  Group 2 and Group 3 represented.  5 PBRs consumed – all out by 7:30 – all safe and satisfied by their efforts. Group 2 – 33+ / group 3 37+. Doug and I passed up a tequila tasting at the Bobens’.

ON THE TRACK (or a Track) : Boben J…Arndt…Kirchner……Stotltzfus–Zook–Garland–Smoker–Boben B……… Brenner, Weida, Cubbison, Kleinhaus, Maranan, Newcomer W…(all F and M)…. Roth (L-S), Matula (L-S), Bell(L-S), Rissinger (Warwick) ,Stauffer (Ephrata), Mohler (Ephrata), Boben M (Montana), and Bentz.

CHECK INS: Oles (Hills), Geissinger, Oliver, McMillan D, Barber, Sollenberger A, Griffith, McMillan D, Richter C/B, Dubs

Some nice weekend indiviual efforts: Glen Mohler “virtual” Broad St. 10-miler @ 69:09 and Georganne Watsonvirtual 10K at 36:45…. and a nice shot of Martha Boben above on her Montana track – not a bad place to run.

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