April 7, 2020

I went up to the track last night for the first time in a few weeks and a few of our teammates made an appearance – Gil, Jonas, Will, Doug, David, …..Jeremy, and Nick— the later 2 inspired me by running 65 sec / 62 sec 400 respectively. The order below is based on when I know you ran or actually heard from you. Again this week Peter B. was the first one on the F and M Track.

Key: ** = workout down on the track; * = workout done / otherwise ran and checked-in or I found you on Strava with a legitimate run.

On the track/Checked in: Barber**, Kirchner**, Sollenberger A*, Sollenberger B*, Kleinhaus**, Newcomer*, Rissinger E.**, Matthews, Wege, Brenner (RAR), Antinucci**, Nesbitt A, Watson L**, Longenecker**, Richter B, Richter C, Bailey**, Long**, Stoltfus**, Matula, Lachman, Smoker**, Bentz**, Lyons, MacMillan*, Cubbison**, Hodge, Nephin, Arndt**, Zook**, Oles**, Southam**, Petraco (INJ), Stauffer**, Geissinger**, Addis** ….. Stoudt**, Goodling**, Garland** (3 spotted by me early this AM).

Georganne’s Cherry Blossom Win and a piece in today’s NY Times Sports has inspired me to bring up for discussion some virtual races in the weeks ahead. I will be looking for some input/race directors……. Jeff


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