March 31, 2020

Week 3 of no formal track practice but many of you are still running and also doing the weekly workout / or variations of these depending on preference, location, and the ability to find a track. The 2 Peters were the first to hit the F and M Track early yesterday AM. Rumor of others at the track last PM but I cannot confirm or refute as I did not hear from them.

As noted in prior emails – consider connecting with our club on STRAVA…..Jeff

ON (or near) the TRACK: Barber**, Weida**, Kirchner**, Charles, Luff, Bentz **, Rissinger E**, Oles, Ubriaco, Brenner**, Sollenberger A, Sollenberger B, Cubbison, Wege**, Moore, Krebs J, Antinnuci, Geissinger, Matthews, Lachman (doubled), Richter C, Bell**, Southam **, McMillan J, McMillan D**, Nephin**, Hodge**, Zook **(CV Track), Hopkins** (McCaskey track), Zielinski, Stoltzfus, Boben J, Boben B, Boben M, Mohler, Previti, Newcomer, and Kleinhaus.

For those who have gotten through the re-read of Once a Runner, below is the newest addition to my running library that was just published and can be obtained via hardback or kindle. Squires was the long-time coach of the Boston Track Club.

Clerici, Paul C. Born to Coach – The Story of Bill Squires. Meyer and Meyer Sport (UK). 2020. Printed by CM books, Ann Arbor MI. ISBN 978-1-78255-196-6

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