March 24, 2020

Thanks to all who checked-in yesterday and the efforts to collectively keep our motivation to run – especially on the track with no real short-term racing goals in sight – a personal disappointment hearing the Olympic Track Trials (June/ Eugene, OR) hae been cancelled – but this will pass. Most of the group did variation of 800 at a track, although some (Manheim, CV, Cocalico) were sadly closed. If you checked in with the workout – an ** is noted. I picked up a few of you on STRAVA.

ON the Track(s): Barber *, Kirchner*, Rissinger E*, Rissinger T*, Wege*, Bentz *, Matthews, Kleinhaus*, Cubbison *, Cope, Mohler, Previiti, Sollenberger A, Sollenberger B, Boben B, Newcomer W*, Griffith *, Weida *, Stauffer*, Oliver *, Brenner, Lutz, Geissinger*, Zielinski, Alter (new dad exemption), Krebs J/C, Smoker *, Watson G*, Watson L*, Roth*, MacMillan D*, MacMillan J, Lachman, Matula, Luff, Arndt*, Nephin*, Petraco, Hodge*.

Keep in touch with your running partners (a few of us are heading out this AM), look at Justin G’s videos, use STRAVA if you feel so inclined (I find it motivating), read LNP online to find out what is happening in our community, and KEEP running.


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