March 17, 2020

As noted yesterday, track practice was “canceled” and my anticipation is the same thing will happen at least for one more week, that being said there is certainly No excuse to Not run unless injured or ill – with the variable track, road, trail, and treadmill options as well as strength/cross-training (right Nick Lachman!). Justin Geissinger will be sending out a power/ strength exercise sometime today for our group to participate in. Also, check our web site for additional information  —-  jeff
AT/ON/Near/Around the track: Chris*, Nate, Doug, Laura A, Will B, Peter B*, Ken, Isabel*, Bob, Bill B, Jackie, Martha, Laura B*, Isaac, Will C, Jeff C, Miles, Alyssa, Sam, Laura D, Erin, Bill F, Phil, Caleb, Ryan, Justin G, Tim G, Chris, Meg, Bryan, Adam H, Dylan, Sarah H-D,  Duncan, Ange,  Shelton, Jon J, Cody,  Evan,  Amos/Liz,  Jeff K*,  Christine K, Justin K, Nick, Jason, Bobby, Tom,   David, Leo, Gil, Andrew M,  Leah, Yancy, John M, Jeremy,  Denise, Jay,  Brian M., Glenn M., Dan N*, Drew, Mimi, Walter, Tyler, Katie O, Mark O*, Kaitlyn, Tommy,  Luke P,  Brian P,  Annie, Emily, Becca, Carl,  Emma, Troy, Scott R*, Andrew ,Zach, Jason, Ashley, Brandy,  Mark S,  Jim, Lyle, Jonas, John S, Eric, Otis*, Anthony, Georganne, Luke,  Mike W, Peter W*, Mallory, Dan W,  Julia*,  Ben, John and……….
Keep Moving!!! / maybe see you on Strava.             

1 thought on “March 17, 2020

  1. Laura can you please add Glenn M. Thanks

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