March 3, 2020

Warm night at the F and M track as March comes in. Most did the 8/6/4/2 workout along with 1Ks, or track tempos – and I think Jay did a mere 15+ miles per his good friend Strava as he pursues his sub-3 Boston goal. All but 3 PBRs consumed which would have been gone had the Rain not quickly dispersed the group. Let me know if I missed you up there track., it is still pretty early and just now finishing my first cup of coffee….Jeff

ON THE TRACK: Kirchner, Barber, Newcomer, Boben B, Arndt, Brenner, Bryant, Charles, Dever S, Dogger, Alter, Bentz, Mobius, Cubbison (no date?), Fife, Mohler, Hickie-Delia, Kleinhaus, Longenecker, Luff, Matula, McMillan D, McMillan, Mitchell, Nephin, Hodge (back), Roth (thanks dad for watching the kids!), Weida, Wallick, Zook, Urbiaco, Lachman, Simmons, Nesbitt, Watson G, Watson L, Smoker, Richter B, Richter, C., Oles, Gatchell, Gehman, Maranan, Moore, Petraco, Moore, Rissinger T, Rissinger E, MacNeil, Geissinger, Platt, Stauffer, Smoker, Oliver RN (?DC bound), Kalinowski….

CHECK- INS: Cope, Addis , Dubs, Sollenbergers A and B, Bell, Wege, Stoltzfus (FL), Southam, Garland, Dever A, Griffith, Hopkins, Antinucci , and Zielinski.
MIAs – Maher, Harriger, Welsh, Stratman and maybe a few more who have ? retired or lost sponsorship 😉🏃

March 14th – “Run for Luck” 4 mile Race (School lane hills)

March 21st – 3rd annual Barber club group run/breakfast, etc. at the Wildcat preserve in York County – details soon forthcoming. (There is a USATF race this day )

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