February 25, 2020

Some of us started the “workout day” early in the AM yesterday due to family/ work momentum issues, I did swing by for a few minutes last PM before my meeting and ran into an early member of the Track Club (J Z) – trying to bring him back. There were a solid 40+ runners getting variations of 400s done. Next week we will be into March – longer days and hopefully even better running weather although Eric Horst and others are calling for some March Snow. Thanks to Dan Nephin for helping with attendance @ Jay for supplying the PBRs. Let me know if you were missed or purported to be there an maybe were not.

ON THE TRACK: Barber (AM), Kirchner (AM), Brenner (AM/LS), Zukus (!?) , Petraco, Charles, Newcomer W, Antinucci, Weida, Gatchell, Dever S, Dever A, Garland, Bell, Matula, Nephin, McMillan J, McMillan D, Moore, Lachman, Gehman (group 1), Ubriaco, Hodge, Wege, Alter, Nesbitt D, Boben, Wallick, Southam, Fife, Luff, Wolgemuth (?), Gutierrez, Cubbison, Stoltzfus, Smoker, Ebersole, Bailey, Peterson, Mohler, and…

CHECK INs: Arndt (treadmill) , Hopkins (NC>?), Cope, Longenecker, Mitchell, Oliver, Roth (viral momentum), Addis (FLA), Oles (AZ), Rissinger E, Rissinger T, Delia-Hickey (Flu :(] , Zielinski, Griffith, Stauffer **, Kalinowski (house momentum), Richter B (hills), Richter C, Geissinger **….

Feb. 29th – Saturday Run with Jeremy at 7:30 – ? Olympic Trials watch at the Track Shack 12-3 PM.

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  1. Forgot a few check ins” – Zook, Lyons, Bentz

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