February 18, 2020

Good night on the F and M Track, March weather in mid-February. A multitude of workouts including 1Ks, 2+3 mile tempos, 400s. Strong running by all groups. We missed Nate so his special beer (DFH 90) will have to wait a week. First Grand Prix race this weekend in Ambler. Trials in Atlanta just a week+ away. Check the web site calendar for other races which will increase in the weeks ahead. Let me know if I missed you – early day at work tomorrow so I wanted to get this out tonight. Let me know if I missed you….jeff

Antinucci, Arndt, Barber (AM), Bell, Brenner, Bryan, Charles, Cubbison, Delia-Hickey, Dever S, Garland (back!), Griffith, Hodge, Kirchner, Kleinhaus, Korenkiewicz, Lyons, Luff, Maranan, Matthews, Matula, McMillan D, McMillan J (26.2?), Moebius. Mohler, Moore, Nephin, Nesbitt D, Newcomer W, Oliver, Peterson L, Petraco, Platt, Richter B, Rissinger E, Sellers A, Sollenberger A, Southam, Stauffer, Stoltzfus J, Ubriaco, Wallick, Watson G, Watson L, Wege, Weida, Zook and……?

Addis, Alter, Lachman ** , Bentz*, Bergman, Cope, Dever A, Dubs, Fife, Gehman, Hopkins (NC?) , Mitchell, Oles (Italy), Richter Carl, Rissinger T, Roth (NC), Simmons, Southam, Sponaugle, Welsh, Woglemuth, Geissinger, Newcomer M.

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