February 11, 2020

Not as warm as a week ago but for February we will take it.  Mainly long intervals last night although Laura A grounded about 15 x400s and I think was the last one on the track last night. Glen pulled group 3 through mile 2 of our two by 2’s and I think Jay got in his 3 x 3-mile workout as I saw him returning when the club had dispersed by about 7:30 – I forgot to leave him a PRB 😞

ON THE TRACK:  Addis, Alter, Arndt, Antinucci, Bryan, Luke (San Fran), Jason (New Holland), Wallick, Boben B,  Brenner,  Charles, Dever S, Dogger (IUP @ 16 weeks),  Garland, Gehman*,  Getz, Griffith, Delia-Hickie, Kleinhaus, Kirchner, Lachman, Luff, Simmons, Watson J, Watson L,  Matula, Moore, Richters C, Maranan, Matthews, McMillan, Mobius,  Peterson, Petraco, Rissinger T, Rissinger E, Weida, Stauffer, Stoltzfus, Mohler,  Sollenberger A, Sollenberger B, Southam, Ubriaco, Cubbison, Roth, new CV guy, Theresa, new Amish guy and…

Check INS:  Krebs J** and C;  Barber **,  Bentz,  Cope, Dubs, Zielinski, Kalinowski, Hopkins, Newcomer M, Newcomer  Oles, Bergman,  McMillan D, Wege** (LGH), Mitchell (Montana), Nephin, Hodge, Kennedy-Dever, Nesbitt**, Longenecker**

  • Nate Alter heads to Birmingham to run 26.2 on Sunday
  • Marathon Trials 2 weeks away — Petraco, Barber, Watson, Longenecker, Antinucci, Kirchner 
  • Sarah is now collecting $$ for the club gear

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