WOW Party – Dec. 10, 2019

We celebrated our 11th annual F & M Track Club WOW Christmas Party on December 10th.

Thanks to all who attended our run and party – contributing to the growth of the F and M track club along with the relationships and the running community building it has provided for us. A late night and early work AM so I apologize for the late send-out although Laura has already provided some of the details. I think I may have everyone below including significant others and children. If you did not get a pair of F and M Socks (Jeff/Tracy) or Christmas Ornament (Sam/Alyssa) – I will bring them next Tuesday – which will be last official workout of the year. If you are not racing at Lehigh Saturday considering coming up to spectate and cheer your teammates on….Jeff and Tracy

At Reology / Clipper Stadium Group Run: Alter,  Arndt, Bailey, Barber, Bentz, Boben (M/B), Brenner, Bryan (I/E),  Cauller,  Charles, Cubbison, Dever A,  Dever S Dogger, Fife (2), Garland (10 miles),  Gatchell, Gehman, Geissinger (J/S),  Getz, Griffith (M/N), Hickie-Delia,  Hodge,  Horst A,  Jackson, Kalinowski,  King (A +4),  Kirchner (J/T/J),  Krebs (J, C, N), Lachman (N/D), Leslie, Longenecker, Luff (T/A), Lutz, Lyons (G/C), MacNeil, Maher, Maranan (Y/L), Matthews, Matula (J/T) McMillan (J/D),   Mitchell, Mohler (G/A), Moore, Nephin,  Nesbitt, Newcomer (M/B), Newcomer W, Oles, O’Regan, Peterson (L/1),  Platt,  Richter (B/C), Rissinger (E/T), Roth, Simmons, Sollenberger (A/B), Sponaugle, Stoltzfus, Stratman, Ubriaco (+Tara), Watson (G/L), Wege, Weida, Welsh ( S+3), and Zook (B + 2.5)…… hope that is everyone. 

CHECK INS: Addis, Cope, Stauffer, Petraco, Southman, Kleinhaus, Antinucci, Dubs, Boben M, Boben J, Hopkins, Miller

Click here for a link to club member’s favorite memories, miles run in 2019, and more.

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Weekend Race Results

37th California International Marathon; Sacramento, CA

Lyle Stauffer — 2:40:18

Brian Petraco — 2:45:12

12th Rehoboth Beach Marathon; Rehoboth, DE

Carl Richter — 3:43:46 (PR)

12th Rehoboth Beach Half-Marathon; Rehoboth, DE

Dan Nephin — 1:28:08

Greg Cauller — 1:29:43 — 1st 60-64 AG

Becca Shertzer — 1:37:37 — 2nd 30-34 AG

Jim Sponaugel — 1:45:25

11th Ugly Sweater 5K XC Race; Manheim Twp., PA

Mark Oles — 19:40 — 1st overall

Manheim Santa Run 5K Run; Manheim, PA

Meg Griffith — 19:10 — 1st Overall Female

Mimi Newcomer — 21:49 — 1st 60-69 AG

F & M Diplomat Open 5000M; Lancaster, PA

Isaac Bryan — 15:10

Sara Delia — 19:05

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  1. Thanks Laura got to bed too late and up not until 6 so will do wrap up later today. Hope you shop sometimes at Lemon street market 😊. Jeff

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