November 26, 2019

On a beautiful late November night, a club milestone of sorts in that workouts were done in the dark – the lights finally came on around 7:30 when Brian, Peter, Phil and I were getting ready to go. No one was in for a few more 400m intervals. All PBRs consumed (I had the last and only one – not sure if that included 12 of Jays). An extra enjoyable night as Team Boben moved down and ran with us in group 3 getting to 91 for the last 400. 

ON THE TRACK:  Arndt (in for XC), Alter, Barber, Boben B, Boben M., Bryan, Charles, Dogger, Hodge, Garland, Krebs C,J, and N, Oliver (in from FLA), Dever S, Fife B and I, Gatchell, Getz (later), Kalinowski, Kirchner, Longenecker, Luff, Lyons, McMillan J, Matula, Mohler, Moore, Lynh (Bainbridge), Nephin, Newcomer M, Newcomer W, Oles, Petraco (6×1), Richter C, Roth, Shippensburg girl, Simmons, Stratman, Sollenberger, Stauffer, Stoltzfus, Watson G, Watson L (68 last 400), Zook, Stoltzfus, Weida, and Korenkiewicz.

CHECK INS: Brenner, Cope, Mitchell, Rissinger E**, Rissinger T**, Addis (post 26.2), Maranan, Boben J**, Bentz, Griffith, MacMillan D, Matthews (post 26.2)Ubriaco, Southam (post 26.2). Richer (hills per spouse), Hopkins (Iowa), Ubriaco, Dever A (work momentum), O’Regan and Geissinger.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow F and M Club members, thanks for the hard work all of you do while supporting and growing the club. CHECK in Thursday if time allows with your race times.

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Weekend Racing Results

AACR Philadelphia Marathon; Philadelphia, PA

Peter Weida — 2:35:29 — BQ

John Matthews — 2:41:22 — BQ

Mark Southam — 3:29:21 — BQ

Chris Addis — 4:21:48

Philadelphia Half-Marathon; Philadelphia, PA

Jeremy Matula — 1:16:08

Georganne Watson — 1:19:11 (PR)

Jay MacMillan — 1:22:19 (PR)

Martha Boben — 1:27:50 (PR)

Bill Boben — 1:27:54 — 1st 55-59 AG

Brenda Hodge — 1:28:01

Rothman Insitute 8K; Philadelphia, PA

Isaac Bryant — 24:47

Otis Ubriaco — 25:21

Greg Cauller — 31:04 — 2nd 60-64 AG

Sarah Delia — 31:32

Leah Maher — 31:55

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